Make the most of Riccall Village and the local community

South Newlands Farm is located on the southern edge of Riccall village. About 8 miles south of York and 4 miles north of Selby, Riccall has its place in history.

Back in 1066, Viking invaders ‘Earl Tostig’ and ‘Harold Hardrada’ sailed up the Ouse and landed in the village before going off to battle near York. Hopefully, when you visit, you will find us a little more friendly!

Local Amenities

Riccall village has a range of amenities including: two pubs; shops; a post office; a regular bus service to York & Selby; a doctor’s surgery; a beautiful ancient parish church and even a fabulous Italian restaurant.

Things to do in Riccall Village

Ideal for children, Riccall has its own park which includes excellent play facilities and even a large purpose-built skateboard ramp. The village is also fortunate enough to be on a Sustrans Route – allowing you to cycle easily and safely to York or Selby along the original rail track.

Christmas trees and more at South Newlands

We are blessed with some of the most fertile soil in the country. As a result, we are able to grow hundreds of superb Christmas trees at the Farm.

Each December people from far and wide return to ponder, pick and ultimately pay for their favourite tree. Wreathes and other Christmas decorations are available too and if you are lucky we may even be serving drinks. We are normally open every day right up to Christmas Eve, but when the trees are sold, they’re sold.

So why not make a festive break of it and include Christmas shopping in York and at the local Designer Outlet? We also organise our own private firework party around Guy Fawkes night in November. And in the summer we encourage guests to sit outside, drink and chat.

Many people have made good friends at South Newlands Farm and that’s how we always want it to be.