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Address: South Newlands Farm, Selby Road, Riccall, York. YO19 6FQ


Situated on the south side of the village of Riccall, just off the A19 on Selby Road, you’ll find South Newlands Farm between York (nearly 10 miles) and Selby (just over 3 miles). Use our postcode (YO19 6FQ), Google or a traditional map to find us.

Important advice for Sat Nav users

Find South Newlands Farm

Please be aware our original postcode (YO19 6QR) has a mole-like quality. It has no clear focus. If you type YO19 6QR into your Satellite Navigation system, there’s every chance you will be unwittingly guided to the local light industrial estate. Whilst light industrial estates can be places of wonder, the chances are your hard-earned holiday will feel different, compared to a stay at South Newlands Farm.

So, to avoid the low-grade holiday option, find South Newlands Farm by following the instructions below, rather than using your Sat Nav.

How to find South Newlands Farm

When you turn off the A19 onto Selby Road, stay on Selby Road!

Resist! Yes resist the urge to turn off and be lured into the industrial estate; however much the temptress of temptation tugs at your self doubt – or your ill-informed passengers scream and shout, stay on Selby Road. The only turning off Selby Road you need to make is into South Newlands Farm. We are located about 500 yards from the southern A19/Selby Road junction and just under a mile from the northern A19/Selby Road junction.

Good luck. Go well.

find south newlands farm

Meet ‘Thunderbird’ Rod

P.S. If you succumb to your satellite navigation system, fear not! For you can always phone and request the South Newlands Farm Rescue Service. We are proud of our 100% telephone guidance success rate which has ensured people always find South Newlands Farm. But if we have to dispatch our international rescue team (Rod) we are confident he will guide you quickly and safely to your true destination.

P.P.S Unfortunately, if our paths fail to cross, we are unable to accept reviews based on a stay at the light industrial estate.

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