Data Protection Statement

We do not collect any personal information from visitors to our website other than information that is knowingly and voluntarily given. Visitors interested in requesting more information can provide contact details via the contact form. Visitors cannot be contacted unless such information is given.

The information collected may be used to contact you with farther details of our current activities or to send details of future initiatives or events. You can inform us at any time if you no longer require such information to be sent.

If you provide your email address to us, you agree that we may send information to you by email in relation to our Services and in relation to any new services, initiatives or events. You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any such emails at any time.

We will share your details with our booking system, Free to Book for the purpose of them delivering their service to us.. You consent to us providing your details to Free to Book  in this way. We will NEVER sell your details to any third party.  You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from any such emails at any  time by contacting us at address below .

We take appropriate measures to safeguard the information we hold from unauthorised access or improper use. Our database is stored in a secure, password protected location. Only users authorised by us have access to this data.

We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information we hold is accurate. ln particular we use reliable collection methods and destroy or convert to an anonymous form, any out-of-date data. Individuals may request details of all personal information held by us so as to contest inaccurate or incomplete data, verify the information and have it corrected as appropriate

For your safety CTV cameras are in operation on both entrance gates. Information is saved for 6 days only.

Any queries relating to our collection or use of personal information or to be removed should be addressed to  or